Pandora Wooden Gifts Box - Double Deck Black

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Pandora's luxury gift boxes are handcrafted. No two boxes will ever look the same because that's the nature of wood.

This gorgeous double deck box has the Pandora symbol highlighted in black on the lid.

A piece of Solid Oak is used to build the framework of each box. The top and bottom is engineered wood veneer, the assembly of the pieces is all done by hand. The whole process of gluing, sanding, laser embossing, and finally applying several coats of lacquer takes 2 days in total. Finally, the high density foam padding and magnetic closures are added. The lid is designed to completely come away from the box so that you can display your custom card collection.

As a testament to the manufacturing process and Pandora's partners, each wooden gift box comes with a "Certificate of Authenticity" and Stoves "made in Britain" mark, as proof of the commitment to British manufacturing.

All of Pandora's playing card boxes will perfectly hold and keep safe your card collection. They look great in a cabinet or on an occasional table as a talking point.

NB: Cards not included.