Grimaud Bridge Cards

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These are great value Grimaud playing cards - bridge size - 58mm x 88mm.

The playing cards factory of Grimaud was found in 1848 in Paris by Baptiste-Paul Grimaud. In 1962 the Grimaud factory is bought by Ducale: a new playing cards factory is born in France: Ducale-France Cartes. In 1963 they changed their name for a second time: “France Cartes” is born. Since 2014 France Cartes is part of the Cartamundi Group.

Grimaud is still one of the oldest playing cards brands in the world and very popular in France. The card decks are admired for their high quality and timeless design.

They are in an un-branded white case, which is perfect for adding your own company branding to.

We ordered stickers from Stickers International to put on the outside of the case, which look great and come at a fraction of the cost of bespoke printed cards. We got 100 x clear stickers in 60mm x 92mm rectangle, gloss clear vinyl.