Copag Texas Hold'Em Poker Peek Index 100% Plastic Playing Cards-Red Backed

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This new design from Copag is a traditional high quality plastic, poker sized card but with a unique PEEK index. The indexes have been rotated 45 degrees, so when the corner is lifted the indexes are easily visible. When viewing the cards the player simply turns up the corner in the traditional way and easily peeks to view the index without lifting the card any further than required.

The full face of the card exposes a jumbo index. This means the letters and numbers are larger than the usual standard index playing cards cards.

The cards are Copags usual high quality PVC formula which means they will last several times longer than a traditional linen finish playing cards. If the cards get dirty they are easily washable with a damp cloth. If the cards are bent then they will spring back to their original shape. The cards slide beautifully and make playing a pleasure.

Copag is a Brazilian company that have been manufacturing playing cards in South America for many years. A recent investment by Belgium playing card manufacturer Cartamundi means they are now half owned by this famous European manufacturer. A perfect partnership of two of two of the world's top playing card companies. Some say these cards are much better quality then Kem playing cards and at only 50% of the cost.

  • Made by Copag
  • 100% plastic
  • Poker Peek index
  • 52 cards + 2 Jokers
  • Size 63mm x 88mm