Brainwave Deck Bicycle (Blue Box)

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This deck is the Bicycle Playing Cards with classic Rider Backs!

Easy To DO!

No Sleight Of Hand Required!

An amazing deck of Bicycle cards that allows you to do a multitude of miracles - yet is EASY TO DO.



Imagine removing deck of cards and explaining that you have made a prediction before you left your home. You ask the spectator to name any card. You carefully remove the deck and show one face down card with a different coloured back. It is slowly turned over to reveal it is the card named by the spectator! No forcing - it's an absolutely free choice.

Includes thorough, illustrated instructions by World Champion Magician - DARYL giving you all the details!

Although these packs are genuine Bicycle cards, the packs have been opened by Murphy's Magic in order to add the full instructions and other additions as necessary.